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About TIE

Timeshare Information Exchange (TIE) is a business-to-business inventory matching vehicle available to all that are in the business of renting or exchanging timeshares. The user-friendly format operates similar to the traditional real estate multiple listing service concept; however, it is dedicated solely to timeshare, fractional and vacation club inventory.

  • With a click, you will have instant, easy and convenient access 24/7 to timeshare inventory available for resale, rental or exchange which we term as the “deposits” (“haves”). You can post your inventory to other industry professionals that may have a buyer.

  • With another click, you will have access to the “requests” (“wants”) from those who want to purchase, rent or exchange a particular timeshare property. You also have the ability to post what your clients want. The system will perform a search and display the results automatically every time you submit your posting.

TIE is operated by Condo Express, Inc. as a mutually benificial entity for industry professionals who are active in the timeshare marketplace. The basis of forming TIE was to create a mechanism to handle the thousands of “deposits” (haves) and “requests” (wants) regarding timeshare inventory requirements. See TIE Rate Sheet.

The TIE was created by Wayne Stroman who is currently the Vice Chairman of the Houston Association of REALTORS® and has been active in its Multiple Listing Service (MLS) since 1990. His contribution has been instrumental in the Houston MLS and its public website being the leader in the entire real estate industry for local and regional associations.

He is President of one of the oldest (since 1979) and largest timeshare resale firms in the world that employ only licensed agents for all sales and customer service functions. In fact this is the exception to the norm in the timeshare resale industry. Going further, he insists that each salesperson become a member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and adhere to the ethical standards required of membership.

Wayne A. Stroman's complete resume can be found at

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