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Timeshare Rental and Exchange Matching for our Fellow C.A.R.E. Members

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TIE is the Ultimate B2B Timeshare Lead Generator for Industry Professionals

This common sense business-to-business solution matches timeshare leads for either side of the transaction - – the inventory side or the prospect side -- needed to put together a timeshare rental or timeshare exchange transaction.

TIE for your "Deposits"

Your client wants to rent or exchange a timeshare, but you don’t have the inventory available to seal the deal – go to TIE and check out the “deposits” for timeshare leads.

TIE for your "Requests"

Your client needs to rent or exchange a timeshare but you don’t have a ready renter or exchanger – go to TIE and check out the "requests" for timeshare leads. 

The best approach is to input all inventory and all prospect’s requests that you need to fulfill!

As a fellow member of C.A.R.E., you are invited to participate in the “Timeshare Information Exchange” which is a web based posting system that was developed for use by members to trade vacation properties and rent timeshare weeks – with ease, efficiency and with 1,000 postings free of charge online – exchange, rental or both.

Here are the highlights:

  • C.A.R.E. members have online access 24/7.
  • It’s a simple system to operate – mostly point & click. All Resorts are databased and table driven.
  • There is online help.
  • C.A.R.E. members can login & post their “Deposits” (inventory they have to offer) and “Requests” (saved searches for inventory they need.)
  • Search postings (Deposits or Requests) by Region, Sub-region, Check-in Date, Resort, & Occupancy.
  • Sort postings by any column for convenience & need.
  • Add, View, Edit and Delete features.
  • Private “for your eyes only” non-public description for reference by the TIE member’s Deposits & Requests with your notes about the inventory posting or their customer’s needs.
  • Only industry personnel that register and login are allowed to see any postings. 
  • We want each user to register individually and not share his/her user name & password.
  • Postings can be loaded manually, or
  • View rate sheet for current membership options and mass uploading of data.

The use of the TIE website is FREE to all members that have less than 1,000 simultaneous postings. This covers all C.A.R.E. members except for a few heavy users. They will bear some of the costs.

You have online access 24/7 to get more information, online help and to post Deposits or Requests. Contact other C.A.R.E. Members and get them to join!

Everyone will want to take advantage of the Bronze Membership and many will find that it will benefit them best to upgrade their membership.

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