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THE Timeshare Resale and Rental Matching Network

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TIE is THE Ultimate B2B Timeshare Lead Generator

This common sense business-to-business solution matches timeshare leads for either side of the transaction - – the inventory side or the prospect side -- needed to put together a timeshare resale or timeshare rental transaction.

TIE for the Deposits "Haves"

Your client wants to buy or rent a timeshare, but you don’t have the inventory available to seal the deal – go to TIE and check out the “haves” for timeshare leads.

TIE for the Requests "Wants"

Your client needs to sell or rent a timeshare but you don’t have a ready buyer or renter – go to TIE and check out the "wants" for timeshare leads. 

The best approach is to input all your inventory "haves" and all your prospect’s "wants" that you need to fulfill! Let others know what you need and what you have.

Operating similar to the traditional real estate multi-list system concept, TIE was specifically developed to serve as a mutually beneficial membership-based group of timeshare professionals. TIE is devoted exclusively to timeshare leads and has many user-friendly capabilities for you to take advantage of.

Here’s how it works:

As a TIE member, when you find a timeshare property from the Deposits (haves) or a Request for a property (wants) that interests you, all you do is send an inquiry using the email notification system within the TIE Website stating your interest and how you may be contacted. Your email will be forwarded immediately to the member who posted either the "haves" or "wants" that you are inquiring about.

The 24/7 system has inbound and outbound email communication allowing member contact with each other to fulfill their clients’ needs.

TIE uses state-of-the-art technology and is an effective and efficient means of finding the right timeshare inventory for your clients as well as receiving great property exposure to the industry professionals whose main goal is to generate more transactions. This is what TIE is all about.

For instance, to avoid leaving money on the table by not getting a deal put together because you don’t have the timeshare leads -- either the inventory or you need a buyer or renter fast -- at TIE, you can instantly click to find either essential timeshare inventory or a fellow “wants” member who already has the needed buyer or renter to make the deal work.

As stated above, this is a B2B timeshare information network that serves simply as a vehicle for those companies participating in the timeshare resale and rental market to provide viable exposure for their clientele. The TIE operation is ultimately an asset not only to its membership but to timesharing as a whole.

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