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This common sense business-to-business solution matches timeshare leads for either side of the transaction - – the inventory side or the prospect side -- needed to put together a timeshare rental, exchange or sale transaction.

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Resale Broker- Licensed Brokerage firm that specializes in Selling and Renting Timeshares for individual owners and would like to provide additional property exposure to others in the industry, locate property for their prospects wants and find prospects that are searching to buy or rent particular timeshares.

Rental Company- Agency that only provides rental assistance to owners of timeshare and would like additional exposure for their available rentals, locate vacation condos for their prospects and find prospects that are interested in renting a particular timeshare week.

Advertising Company- Company that advertises timeshares for sale or rent by owner and would like to provide additional exposure of the properties it advertises to others in the industry, to locate other timeshare weeks available for sale or rent and to locate prospects in need of a vacation condo for sale or rent.

C.A.R.E. Member- C.A.R.E. Member- Is a member in good standing of the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers (C.A.R.E.) and would like additional exposure of their available rental and exchange inventory to other C.A.R.E. Member participants of this TIE site and to locate available C.A.R.E. inventory for its prospects. A C.A.R.E. Member number is required to register. C.A.R.E. rental or exchange inventory can be rented, traded or exchanged by Members of this TIE Site.

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